45 years
tuffy max
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45 years
tuffy max
max six
Heat pumps
Custom solutions
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India’s Most Trusted Brand

Fastest After-Sales Service

Best-in-Class Safety

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Welcome to Cascade Water Heaters

As a leading brand in the water heater industry, we manufacture a broad range of water heating solutions including electric storage and instant water heaters, solar water heaters, heat pumps and customised heating solutions. Recently, we have also partnered with the world leader Harvia to bring their finest sauna cabins and heaters, steam rooms and other sauna accessories to India.

Storage Water Heaters

Best-Selling Products

Featured Product – Max

MAX – SIX Can Now Do More Than What TEN Has Ever Done!

The latest innovation from Cascade is the ReedySizzler Storage Tank of Cascade Max 6 L instant water heater. This innovative design greatly reduces the mixing factor of cold and hot water, and at the same time drastically reduces the lead time for a bath without consuming any additional power.

The graph shows the exact output after a lead time of 6 minutes of 10L and 6L Cascade Max water heaters. Max 6L delivers higher temperature than a 10L water heater thus establishing the advancement of the design.

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Instant Water Heaters

Best-Selling Products

Featured Product – Tuffy Max Surge

We Make Water Heaters that Simply Work

Fully manufactured in-house in India, we guarantee Cascade’s Quality for You

  • Energy Efficient Geysers
  • Multi-Mounting Options
  • High Quality Raw Materials
  • Quick Heating

Solar Water Heaters

Best-Selling Products

Featured Product – Seasonz

Seasonz – The Intelligent Water Heater

Cordless Remote

Dual Core Heating

Best in Class Safety

Faster Delivery

Dual Timer Settings

Auto-Repeat Settings

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