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  • Energy Efficient
  • Suitable for High Consumption
  • Stores Hot Water for More than 12 Hours

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What are Electric Storage Water Heaters?

Storage water heaters are geysers that are generally suitable for high consumption of water. They can efficiently store hot water for more than 12 hours with the help of PUF or glass wool insulation. The insulation further helps to consume less energy resulting in comparatively higher energy saving. Cascade storage geysers start from 10 litre capacity and can range until 300 litre capacity. Our product line includes Tuffy Max Surge, Cascade Max, Cascade Green, Cascade Seasonz, Cascade Fantaxy, and Cascade Noplastik.

What is the heating element?

Cascade storage geysers use a 2Kw copper heating element coated with nickel to prevent corrosion and promote durability. Cascade designed heating elements tend to last longer than other brands because of the quality of materials used to manufacture.

What are the safety features?

Our products are made with advanced safety features.
> They come with a thermal cutout which acts as a safety lock to the thermostat. Thermal cutout cuts the power to the heating element when the thermostat fails and when the water temperature goes beyond the set value. This feature prevents the appliance from over heating.
> They come with fire-retardant 1.1m cables with a 3 pin plug. This longer cable length makes it compatible with any bathroom setup.
> A multi-function safety valve to prevent tank from cracks and bursts.
> They have advanced welding technology to improve strength and durability of inner tank.
> Additionally, they are equipped with fuse nut to protect against unforeseen electrical shocks

What is their pressure compatibility?

They are compatible with pressure ranging from 8 bars to 10 bars. Our best-selling product, Tuffy Max Surge, can withstand pressure upto 10 bars.

What are the water heaters made of?

Their outer body is made of stainless steel or ABS, depending on the product, both of which are strong and durable. All the inner tanks are made of 304 grade stainless steel.

Do you provide installation and other services?

We provide free installation for all our storage water heaters. Please dial our toll-free 1800 425 0115 to book the installation. Cascade is also extremely proud to say that we have the quickest after-sales service support in the market to address all your product-related repairs and complaints.

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