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Product Related FAQs

  1. Do Cascade water heaters have a warranty period?

    We provide 5 years warranty on the water heater tank (leak or rust) and 2 years warranty on the electrical parts (i.e. thermostat, cutout, heating element and wiring(s)).

  2. Does hard water affect the performance of Cascade geysers?

    All models of Cascade water heaters are suitable for both soft and hard water.

  3. How do I choose the mounting type for my geyser?

    While most Cascade water heaters offer dual mounting options, the right mount depends on two factors – the location of inlet and outlet pipes and the space available between the ceiling and inlet point. Call us at 18004250115 (toll free) to have your concerns addressed.

  4. How long does a Cascade water heater last?

    We have customers using Cascade water heaters, both electric and solar water heaters, for more than 25 years without any issues.

  5. How to choose the right material and capacity of water heater for me?

    Choosing the right product depends on various factors:

    Material – Cascade provides water heaters in two different materials – Stainless Steel and ABS (Aesthetic Brawn Series). While ABS water heaters are cheaper in price, stainless steel water heaters are aesthetically more appealing. However, the performance and durability of both types of heaters remain the same.

    Capacity – The right capacity of water heater largely depends on the number of people expected to use it. On an average, a single person consumes 10 Litres of hot water in one shower.

  6. In the case of electric water heaters, what would be my electricity charges?

    A storage geyser consumes 2kw per hour and an Instant geyser consumes 3kw per hour.

  7. What is the water pressure requirement for Cascade water heaters?

    All our water heaters work with gravity pressure. They require their tank to be at a minimum of 6 feet above the outlet point. Cascade electric water heaters such as Tuffy Max Surge can withstand pressure upto 10 bar which is one of India’s highest pressure compatibility. Other Cascade water heaters typically withstand pressure from 8 to 9 bars. please refer to product detail page for exact details.

  8. When to choose Solar water heaters?

    The choice between electric and solar water heaters depends on the cost, long term gains, area available, and size of family. While Solar water heaters can be an expensive investment, you can recover the expense in a minimum of 6 years from your savings on electricity. Solar is a cost effective solution provided you don’t move houses often. Solar water heaters ideally require a minimum of 5 sq. feet of free space on the building roof. Solar water heaters may be a more effective solution for a family of more than 5 people. For further queries, you can visit our Support page or call us at 1800 425 0115. We will be happy to guide you.

  9. How to choose the right water heater capacity for home?

    On an average, one person consumes 15 L of hot water per shower. We have created a simple chart to help you pick the right product for your needs.

    Capacity – No. of Persons
    3 Litres – 1-2 persons
    6 Litres – 1-2 persons (High consumption with shower)
    10 Litres – 2-3 persons
    15 Litres – 2-3 persons (High consumption with shower)
    20 Litres – 3-4 persons
    25 Litres – 3-4 persons (High consumption with shower)

Water Heater/ Geyser Service Related FAQ

  1. What are the service charges?

    Service charges are free of cost if the product falls under the warranty period and fulfils the warranty conditions. Post warranty period, our service charges are Rs. 400 within city limits and Rs. 450 outside city limits. To have your product serviced or to register a complaint, please visit our Support page or call us at 1800 425 0115 (toll-free).

  2. What service issues are not covered in warranty?

    Any damage to the outer body of the water heater is not covered under warranty. Sites in which the ppm level of water is above said level, warranty is void (refer warranty book for exact details). Any electrical problem occurred due to voltage fluctuations are also not covered under warranty. 

  3. Do you provide installation services?

    Yes, we provide installation services for all cascade water heaters. Charges may be applicable for some products.

Buying Options

  1. Where can I buy Cascade water heaters?

    Cascade water heaters can be purchased on our website. Our products are sold at dealer stores listed in the Find Store page AND in most other electrical, sanitary and hardware stores across India. You can also find them on e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jiomart, and Indiamart (for bulk orders).
    You can also call us directly at 1800 425 0115 (toll-free) to order water heater(s) and have them installed.

  2. How can I avail product discounts?

    For bulk orders, please contact 1800 425 0115 (toll-free) or submit the contact form in the Support page.

About the Company

  1. When was Cascade founded?

    Mr. Mahesh Alagesan founded Cascade in the year 1984 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We have been an established brand in the market for about 40 years now.

  2. Where are Cascade products manufactured?

    Till date, all Cascade water heaters are proudly manufactured in-house in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

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