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Solar Water Heaters

What are Solar Water Heaters?

Solar water heaters are appliances that help in heating water by harnessing renewable energy from the sun with a thermal collector. They are a cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable way to generate hot water for home or commercial purposes. They ideally require a minimum of 5 sq. feet of free space on the building roof. Currently, Cascade manufactures solar water heaters with capacities ranging from 100 to 500 litres.

Heating Element of solar water heaters

Our in-built heating element on all models range from 2kW from 100 to 250 LPD and 4kW upto 00LPD. Cascade designed heating elements tend to last longer than other brands because of the quality of materials used to manufacture.

Tank Insulation

Cascade solar inner tanks are insulated with Polyurethane Foam. Our high density foam ensures temperature retention for more than 36 hours, resulting in comparatively higher energy saving.

Additional Features

> IOT Compatible – With optional IOT module, you can now connect your product to the nearest WIFI & remotely switch ON/OFF, set timers & even have live hot water status on your smartphone, Alexa, Siri etc.
> Self Balancing Stand – All support structures are made weatherproof. With our unique computer simulated design the structures uniformly distribute the tank weight and balances itself to slight unevenness on the floor.

Installation and After-sales service

Quick After sale service with over 11000 service partners. Any product serviced within 48Hrs anywhere within the nation.

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