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Swimming Pool Heaters


Solar On-Grid Powerplant

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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

The Heap-Pump is the newest addition to the renewable family. Best suited for sites with low space or high consumption. It works like magic. Let’s say your requirement is 100 Ltrs of hot water, you may need 6KWH of energy for it. The heatpump is an energy source that may consume 2KWH of energy as electricity and the remaining 4KWH from ambient heat in its surrounding. Similar to a window, air conditioners that gives cold air on one side and dissipates the heat from the room to the other side, the Heat-Pump transfers the heat from its surrounding to the water with the help of a heat exchanger.

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Product Features

  • High COP, works even at ambient temperatures less than 20° C
  • Silent operation less than 20db
  • Vent residue chillness can be used to chill small spaces
  • Low profile system and building elevation friendly
  • Wide service network – Quick After sale service with over 11000 service partners. Any product serviced within 48Hrs anywhere within the nation.
  • IOT Compatible – With optional IOT module you can now connect your product to the nearest WIFI & remotely switch ON/OFF, set timers & even have live hot water status on your smartphone, Alexa, Siri etc
  • Warranty – 5 Years on inner tank, 1 Year on other parts excluding glass


Capacity (in Litres) Wattage
8000 8 KW
12000 12 KW
35000 18 KW

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