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Interconnected Controllable Water Heaters for Large Hospital Complex


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Cascade Expansa

Experiance our ALL Stainless Steel & E-Green models. With superior heat retention tanks, patented self-balancing support structure & super efficient collectors, it is truely an exceptional product at an affordable price.

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Product Features

  • In-Built Heating Element on all Models – with appropriate Kw capacity and optional hetpump backup.
  • PUF Insulation – Cascade solar inner tanks are insulated with Polyurethane Foam. Our high density foam ensures temperature retention for more than 36 hours, resulting in comparatively higher energy saving.
  • Stainless Steel Outer Tank – Cascade SS outer tanks are made of Matt finished stainless steel sheets. This grade of material ensures zero corrosion and long life.
  • Wide range of inner tank Materials to choose from. Appropriate material selection ensures zero corrosion and long life.
  • Wide Service Network – Quick After sale service with over 11000 service partners. Any product serviced within 48Hrs anywhere within the nation.
  • IOT Compatible – With optional IOT module you can now connect your product to the nearest WIFI & remotely switch ON/OFF, set timers & even have live hot water status on your smartphone, Alexa, Siri etc
  • Self Balancing Stand– All support structures are made weatherproof. With our unique computer simulated design, the structures uniformly distribute the tank weight and balances itself to slight unevenness on the floor.
  • Rigid & Safe – Pressure tanks tested upto 10 Bar and can withstand nominal pressure of 8 Bar. Systems equipped with safety features including pressure relief valve and Air-vent valve.
  • Warranty – 5 Years on inner tank, 1 Year on other parts excluding glass
Capacity (in Litres) Wattage
750 6 KW
1000 6 KW
1500 8 KW
2000 8 KW
2500 12 KW
3000 12 KW

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