water heater for food process application

Water Heater for Food Process Application


Water Heater for Food and Pharma Process Application

water heater for food and Pharma process applications

Water Heater for Hardware Process Application

The water heater for hardware process application delivers hot water at very high temperatures and high pressures. This system is especially used in the reprocessing  and refurbishing industry.

Product Description: In the reprocessing and refurbishing industries, there is a requirement for hot water jet at very high temperatures and at very high pressures to clean surfaces that need processing and remove any applied paints and hard deposits. The system is equipped with 75 kW power load and a DNV approved Hi-Pressure tank. The system is also made up of universally available electronic components that makes it easy to source spares across the world.

Our Happy Customers: Caterpillar India Private Limited, Chennai

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