outdoor evaporator to crystallise liquids

Outdoor Evaporator to Crystalise Liquids


Water Heater for Hardware Process Application

water heater for hardware process application

Water Heater for Food Process Application

The water heater for food process application delivers a continuous supply of hot water at a very high and consistent temperature for the required duration. This system is especially used in the packaged food manufacturing industry.

Product Description: In the food processing industries, hot water plays a major role in mixing, preheating and control of the process. Electrically powered water heaters are used to discharge hot water on demand with maximum temperature available on board. Circulation Pumps activates with temperature difference beyond 2 Deg C. The power load is energised with just 2kW or total 12kW in one go, thereby reducing heat loss by heating exactly the amount of water required at that point of time.

Our Happy Customers: Manjilaas Food Products, Pollachi; Malliga Asafoetida Company, Madurai


Product Features:

  • Desired Output: Continuous delivery of hot water at high temperatures for a set capacity
  • Temperature Range: 95 to 98 Deg C
  • Power: 8kW to 12kW
  • Safety: All safety features including pressure and temperature controls
  • Automation: Semi-auto
  • Universally Available Electronic Components: Yes
  • Integration with Existing Equipment: Highly Possible

Manufacturing Time (approx): 6 weeks

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