water heater for test lab with interchangeable PPM levels

Water Heater with Interchangeable PPM level for Test Lab


Water Heater for Food Process Application

water heater for food process application

Outdoor Evaporator to Crystalise Liquids

The Outdoor evaporator system is used to evaporate and crystallise fluids in outdoor ponds using electrical and solar energy sources followed by moisture reduction.

Product Description: The need for the outdoor evaporator system arises because outdoor open-air crystallisation of liquids normally takes 30 days and are prone to rain shower exposure that delays the process further. Hence, a forced evaporation system was designed using electrical and solar energy to complete the entire process in less than 7 days. Hot water is generated in a large calorifier with pre-heat feed of water from solar collectors. Temperature is raised to desired extent and then passed on through heat exchangers placed in outdoor ponds, and recycled.

Our Happy Customers: We designed a project to crystallise sodium nitrate from solution and subsequently reduce its moisture level for Latshek Electro Refinery, Gopichetipalayam.


Product Features:

  • Temperature Range: 85 Deg C
  • Capacity: 1500 Ltrs
  • Power: 12kW
  • Automation: Semi-Auto
  • Integration with Existing Equipment: Yes
  • Utilising available natural heat source if any: Solar collectors aligned to feed pre-heat water to hot water generating system

Manufacturing Time: 9 to 10 weeks

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