water heater for hardware process application

Water Heater for Hardware Process Application


Interconnected Controllable Water Heaters for Large Hospital Complex

interconnected controllable water heaters

Water Heater for Food and Pharma Process Application

Temperature is very sensitive in the food and pharmaceutical industries as over-heating or under-heating shall damage the content under process. Our water heater system delivers uninterrupted hot water at set temperature on demand.

Product Description: In the food and Pharma industries, hot water is used for processing variable products for heating, pre-heating, moisture reduction and cleaning process apparatus. Our System is built with 24kW power load that can be controlled in smaller units to set variable lead time as per customer requirement.

Our Happy Customers: TTK HealthCare Ltd, Bangalore; Smithkline Beachem Ltd, Hyderabad; Kiaro Diary, Hyderabad.


Product Features:

  • Desired Output: Continuous delivery of hot water at very high temperature
  • Temperature Range: 85 to 95 Deg C
  • Capacity: 300 to 500 Ltrs
  • Power: 24kW
  • Safety: All safety features including pressure release valve, digitally controlled temperature controller
  • Automation: Semi-auto
  • Universally Available Electronic Components: Yes

Manufacturing Time (approx): 5 to 6 weeks

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