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Calorifiers for Ships


Water Heater with Interchangeable PPM level for Test Lab

water heater for test lab with interchangeable PPM levels

Calorifiers for Luxury Boats using Hot Engine Coolant Oil

Calorifiers for Luxury Boats use the heat from the engine coolant oil on the ship as a source of energy to provide hot water for bath and kitchen applications.

The new technique has advantages on two fronts.

1) The engine is cooled down using the engine coolant oil pass its heat to water thro a heat exchange process.

2) Energy is saved by not using fan and a radiator to discard heat that is generated by the engine

Our Happy Customers: VETUS, Holland


Product Features:

  • Desired Output: Normal Bath temperature
  • Temperature Range: 55 to 65 Deg C
  • Capacity: 15 to 75 Litres or more
  • Power: Alternate electrical power for backup
  • Safety Features: All safety features are included
  • Integration with Existing Equipment: Yes, Possible
  • Utilising Available Natural Heat Source if Any: Heat from a new source

Manufacturing Time: 4 to 8 weeks



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