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Calorifiers for Luxury Boats using Hot Engine Coolant Oil

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Calorifiers for Ships

Calorifiers for ships deliver hot water at set temperature non-stop as demanded. This custom solution is especially needed when a set temperature is required to be maintained to support the entire system of the ship’s variable requirements.

Cascade carries extensive expertise in manufacturing custom calorifiers for ships, catering to clients worldwide with exports to Italy, France, and beyond.

Product Description: Calorifier with a load of 75 kW coupled with a circulation system to support constant temperature with least variable of 0.5 Deg C. Power load has variable choice of energising with just 5Kw or total 75Kw at one go. This controls heating lead time as as well reduces heat loss by heating exactly the amount of water required at that point of time.

Our Happy Customers: Mazagon Dock Ltd, Mumbai, India. Vetus, Holland.


Product Features:

  • Desired Output: Hot water on demand at the right temperature
  • Temperature Range: 60 to 85 Deg C
  • Safety Features: All safety features such as Pressure Release Valve, Aior Vent Valves etc. are included
  • Automation: Semi-Auto
  • Integration with Existing Equipment: Possible

Manufacturing Time: 8 to 12 weeks

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