calorifiers for luxury boats. white water heater with black ends and multiple blue and red plugs transparent background

Calorifiers for Luxury Boats using Hot Engine Coolant Oil


Outdoor Evaporator to Crystalise Liquids

outdoor evaporator to crystallise liquids

Water Heater with Interchangeable PPM level for Test Lab

The water heater with interchangeable PPM level system for test lab is a custom built solution to generate hot water at various PPM levels with switchover. This system is especially used to conduct test with various fluids, at various temperatures as well as at various PPM levels.

Product Description: The system is designed to work seamlessly to provide hot water at various PPM levels with auto-discharge and auto-refill system. 750 Ltrs electrically powered water heater to discharge hot water on demand with temperature variant of just 1.00 Deg C. Special layout provided to generate just 100 Ltrs or 300 Ltrs of hot water at one point of time or the total capacity of 750 Ltrs. The circulation designed in such a way that cold water is sucked and discharged at exact location where hot water is accumulated. The power load is energised with just 10kW or total 40kW in one go; this reduces heat loss by heating exactly the amount of water required at that point of time. The water heater storage tank is provided with additional electrical arrangement to automatically drain & input variable PPM level liquids. The System works on “Drain-Rinse-New PPM Fill up” method. This way, hot water at a set temperature is drained after use, new PPM level liquid is changed by the Drain-Rinse-New PPM Fill up method and tests are repeated.

Our Happy Customers: Whirlpool, Pondicherry; General Electric, Bangalore


Product Features:

  • Desired Output: Hot water with various ppm levels and at specific temperature
  • Temperature Range: 55 to 85 Deg C
  • Capacity: 700 Ltrs
  • Power: 18kW
  • Safety: All safety features including pressure release valve, emergency stop and digitally controlled units
  • Automation: Fully auto, minimal human interference
  • Universally Available Electronic Components: Yes

Manufacturing Time: 8 weeks

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