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Water Heater for Test Lab with Interchangeable PPM level


Water Heater for Food Process Application

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Outdoor Evaporater to Crystalise Liquids

Elecrical Solar Hybrid System 900 Ltrs electrically powered water heater to discharge hot water on demand with maximum temperature available on board. Circulation designed in such a way that cold liquid in the open air tank is drawn to the heater and circulated back with hotwater thereby heating the entire built-up pond to enable evaporation. System supported with solar inputs to basic temperature which is then raised to max limit and discharged. The air shuffler provided in the open tank supports faster evaporation. Once crystalized at heat point the ladder is raised above by few centimeters and left to further crystalize so the crystals does not clog the heat circulation pipes making it easier to remove the sludge. Process helps attaining end product with 4 days as against one month with conventional process. Solar water heater installed to reduce generation cost to the extent of area available for maximum utilization. Happy customers include Latshek Electro Refinery, Gopichetipalayam

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